Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Little More Blethery Ranting...

Following on from my previous post; I've just been having a wee surf around Folksy and I'm honestly gobsmacked at some of the items I have seen. So gobsmacked I just had to share. Aye it can be great to upcycle but does upcycling warrant outrageous price tags? Or at least outrageous in this Scotswoman's eyes.

Have a look at these:

"these are a lust pair of size 8 womens shoes which i have used flatbacked AB CRYSTALS to encrust the heels platforms and bow on the front of the shoes these are a one off pair so come and grab yaslf a pair of shoes like no other"

So basically this person has stuck flatbacked 'crystals' onto these shoes. Rather badly. Now here's the real shocker. They are charging £70.00 for these shoes. And it gets worse. The shoes are from Primark. Not exactly a high price tag shop. In fact you can buy these shoes on ebay for £15. I know us Scots have traditionally been tarred with a reputation of being tightwads but this just takes the McVities.

So off I go looking to see what else is in the same 'shop' and come across these:

"This lush pair of pram shoes are size 2 and are the ever popular hello kitty .... they do up at the back with velcro i have encrusted the toes of these gawjuss lil shoes with 2mm crytals and once again these are one offs so none of your friends will have these"

Aye, too right none of my friends will have these. I credit my friends with having enough intelligence to know that babies tend to put their feet in their mouths for a chew and don't think they would fancy their babies eating 'crystals'...

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