Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Some of my Favourite Crafty Facebook Pages: Part One

I just wanted to share some of my favourite crafters' facebook pages with anyone who reads this :-D They are in no particular order and are all lovely people!

My favourite librarian, Sheena Graham, owns Amethyst Jewellery. Sheena is responsible for giving me the bug for tinkering with making my own wee bits and pieces of jewellery! Pop along and take a look at her stunning creations.

Silver Thistle Beads is owned by the lovely Francesca and delightful Craig! In Francesca's own words: " was started in 2003 where a hobby making nickel free jewellery kinda spiralled out of control and developed into the beast it is at present"

Not only can you find Francesca's own gorgeous jewellery creations on their site but also a wonderful selection of watch faces, beads and findings.

Now normally I try and rescue nice wood from being burned but Si Easton's 'burning' is the exception! Si is a pyrographer and his work is simply AMAZING. Head over to Wood Tattoos for a peek and for those interested in doing pyrography themselves check out his book "Woodburning with Style".

Kate Churcher, owner of The Dragon's Hoard, I reckon must have the patience of a saint. I know if I were to try and attempt making her amazing chainmaille creations I would have ended up having a tantrum or 2! This lovely lady also makes the cutest dichroics along with other stuff. Just go see for yourself and you won't be disappointed!

These are only a selection of my own personal favourites but I will add more in part two!

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